In this article Mark Sherris of seo london will discuss the evolution of seo and answer the question that many webmasters are asking: "Is Link Building Dead?" Mark is a internet marketer and reviews products on a forum like Inbox Blueprint. You can see his latest review of Get auto commissions at his Warrior Forum blog.

Mark also creates YouTube videos and teaches online jobs for college students and other topics via his channel.

Is Link Building Dead?

Some webmasters might tell you this but I tend not to listen to these people. I only listen to the people in our industry that back up their theories with real testing. I won't name people but there are many good webmasters who do exactly this and I'm happy to confirm that link building is not dead.

In fact I personally believe now is a better time than ever to get into seo and start building the right kind of links.

Mass Link Building Is "Almost" Dead

Most mass link building is dead. You can't just go out and build 1000 anchor text rich lnks and rank your website anymore. These days are most definitely gone but that is for good reason I believe too. This actually makes it a far more fair playing field to rank websites.

The only sites that are doing well from mass link building are the black hat webmasters who can actually rank websites using these tactics. I am not an expert on how they do it because I don't use these strategies myself however I can tell you that one method that works is mass link building combined with mass social signals. You need to do both, so if you have 1000 links being built to your site you also need 1000+ social signals too such as facebook likes, shares, tweets etc. This makes your website look like it's going viral and this is the only exception when it comes to mass link building.

In the past few days I have even seen Google start to devalue things like bookmarking on videos which did work extremely well. Black hat seo was working incredibly well for people who wanted to rank YouTube videos in Google (and YouTube) but it seems like this might not be quite as easy anymore.

How Should You Build Links?

Right now after penguin (and going forward) you should build high quality links.

But what is a high quality link?

A high quality link is one that comes from a trusted source and is relevant. This means if you own a website about cars, you should have a link that comes from a car website and that is trusted.

For example: the perfect link for a SEO Consultant would be one that came from a website such as because they are the authority in this industry.

If you had a car blog then a good link would be from AutoTrader (for example).

You don't need links that come from ultra-authoritive blogs though. You can still get links from sites that are not hugely popular but are a) trusted and b) have a good page-rank / domain authority. These are the kind of links you need and trust me if you get them you won't need a lot of them either. I have seen people rank for highly competitive keywords with just a few of these kind of links.

Future Of SEO

Going forward I see the only way to secure long term sustainable rankings is through getting high quality, on-topic and trusted links. By all means mix in black hat strategies on other websites and videos that you own, but do not implement black hat on your main website as this will be highly risky. Implement high quality grey hat and white hat seo tactics for best results.

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I have been running an estate agency business since the 80's and things have changed a lot since then. Although I have never been big on the internet until recent times we have had to I guess "move with the times" and start using Right Move. Unfortunately you can't ignore a powerful website that the majority of people looking for properties use.

We have far more interest from that website than we do listing the properties on our own website. One thing that has worked for us over the years is not trying to get too big. Although we do local advertising reguarly we try to provide a good service which means we are recommended through word of mouth. I personally find this is the best form of advertising as it's so powerful and you trust a company more when they are recommended by a friend, in other words somebody who's opinion you trust.

The recession of course slowed house prices down not just here in the UK but also in American. In fact I was recently speaking with a friend of mine here in the UK who has started investing in the American property market. His website lists property investments in the USA and it's incredible the prices of the properties available. The ROI is huge, up to 40% on some properties with an average return of around 15-20%, much higher than here in the UK. His website American property investments has been able to list buy to let property which give great returns to potential investors. I have been debating going down this route too. The only thing that personally puts me off is the distance between the UK and USA. If something goes wrong you can't exactly just go and check it out!

But getting back to my point, the property market was slowed down a lot. I personally did not let this put me or other people off from selling their properties. Of course prices were lower but I took the initiative and thought that in order to stay in business it was important to still advertise and reassure people that properties could be sold.

In 2011 the market did start to pick up and it has got better at least in the area I operate in. This area is a middle-class area and generally speaking hasn't been affected that much by the recession. Many shops in the town as still doing well and we seem to have money in the area as it is a place that people want to live in. Other areas around the region have been badly affected though.

Moving forward I am going to look into selling the business. I would have passed it down to my sons but they are more interested in started their own businesses rather than taking over something I have created. Ideally I can move my business online in a different direction after selling the estate agency.

I've always been interested in business but up until recently I had never considered taking things online. I run an estate agency and although I do have a website I have never been personally involved with running it. I leave that to my web designer. Plus, our website has never really attracted much interest, I guess it's just one of those things these days that you have to have a website!

Anyway with that in mind recently I started to see how the internet could be extremely powerful for an online business and I have started a side venture. The goal: to start blogging and generating revenue from it. The good news for me is that I do have a business that is generating revenue offline and has given me a good living for many years, so there is no pressure for me to make money. I can spend my time blogging and create something that I enjoy and that can give me an income too.

Resources I have found helpful for learning about blogging and internet marketing:

You might be wondering why my domain is keralatourism-info as it might seem a bit random. I was reading on the internet that expired domains are better for creating a blog than starting with a brand new domain as they carry more search engine ranking power.